How to: Maximize Your Black Friday Sales

Want to maximize your Black Friday sales with the help of influencer marketing? Follow our 4 tips💡

The in-person shopping experience has, inarguably, transformed during the past year due to COVID-19 – and it will definitely affect Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

For those who can grab their customers’ attention online and provide them with a positive online experience the opportunities are endless.

1️⃣ Use influencers as shopping windows
Your customers can no longer walk past your shopping windows, but you can recreate them online with influencers creating content that speaks to their specific audience.

2️⃣ Recreate the in-store experience
Influencers can assist your customers when shopping, and guide them to their perfect buy. They can showcase your products, test them and review them.

3️⃣ Increase the sense of urgency
Make the influencers your ambassadors, and let them make their followers an offer they cannot refuse.

4️⃣ Involve the influencers on your website
Elongate the life span of the content created by the influencers, by integrating it into your website. Let the influencers be a part of articles showing their favorite products, how to use your products in the best way and how to style and create cool outfits.