Influencer Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

Influencer marketing vs traditional marketing – who wins the battle?

Although influencer marketing has increased in popularity faster than, dare we say, any other marketing channel through the ages many businesses still refuse to abandon the old for the new. 

We know that it can be scary to leave the comfort of the traditional, tried and tested in favor of unexplored territories, but we claim that the benefits of doing influencer marketing heavily outweigh the discomfort of switching marketing strategies.

If you are still hesitant – here are a few of the many benefits of influencer marketing:

More Focused
Whereas traditional marketing is not normally directed at a specific demographic, influencer marketing reaches an audience that is highly relevant for the brand. With influencer marketing you only invest in your desired target audience, and don not have to pay for the collateral.

More Trustworthy
Today’s consumers trust the honest and authentic opinions of people in their social sphere – not actors who mouth scripted praises about a product or service. An influencer’s follower base is made up by people who actively and willingly have chosen to take part of their content because they value their opinions and trust their recommendations. 

For Every Budget and Every Business
Influencer marketing does not have to cost a fortune, and even small startups without deep pockets can use the channel to build their brand. Unlike traditional media, a small budget can get you a long way when spent on influencer marketing.

More Versatile 
With many different social medias (Instagram, TikTok, Youtube and so on) and an ocean of influencers to choose from, influencer marketing leaves plenty of room for variation and experimentation. Nothing is set in stone and there are no sunk costs when it comes to influencer marketing. Try different verticals and channels, learn from it and optimize for future campaigns!

Always Present
What do people do whenever there is a commercial break on tv? They go on TikTok. Where do people look when stuck on the subway surrounded by advertising displays? Instagram! Everyone is on their phone at all times, and people actively avoid traditional marketing in favor of social media.

Better ROI
According to research, influencer marketing has the ability of generating up to 11 times higher ROI than any other digital market channel*. Even if you do not agree with any of the bullets listed above, you can’t argue with numbers!