Influencer Marketing Trends 2021

Influencer marketing is an exciting industry that is under constant change. Below we have listed our predictions of trends that we can expect in 2021.


TikTok and Instagram Reels have seen a rapid growth, in large part due to the effectiveness of the format. Short, fast and interesting videos that catch your attention in an instant. In 2021 we don't have the time to spare for lengthy videos without a clear purpose – we want to be entertained from the start.

Removing the Veil

In 2021 we demand to see more honest and real content. The well-polished surface is being dismantled more and more each day. Plenty of people will still feel the need to have a consistent and aesthetically pleasing feed with quality photos, but we predict that an increasing amount will choose to compensate with more imperfect stories for a dose of reality. 

From One Night Stand to Marriage

It can’t be expected of a single post in the influencer’s feed to create a magical impact on sales – a realization that more and more are coming to terms with. Sure, occasionally a single post hits a home run, but in those instances it has more to do with luck than a successful strategy. When constructing an Influencer marketing strategy it is vital to have a strong focus on the long term. Trust and reliability is something that takes time to establish.

Integrating Channels!

In 2021, companies will have no choice but to start thinking about how their products and services can be linked to social media. A great example of this is Spotify's ”Year In Review''. By making the process of sharing your yearly list on Instagram simple and intuitive, Spotify receives an overwhelming amount of free publicity both from influencers and regular users. Here to facilitate the integration between different channels during 2021 is Instagram’s latest feature Instagram Shopping. 


A strong contender for the top of the trend list of 2021 is live broadcasting. We want to live-shop with others, yoga together, have wine tastings and cook-a-longs. Spurred by the pandemic, sure, but this is a trend that we believe will follow us for years to come.

More Value

The most important parameter for Instagram's algorithm is Saved Posts, which means that Instagram favors posts that give such value for users that they want to return to the content at a later point in time. Therefore, always think about how you can create the most value for the users when publishing content, rather than just putting your product or service on display.