Elin’s Pros And Cons of Working in the Influencer Marketing Industry

It is no secret that we at Massfluencer love influencer marketing. Based on much experience within the field, we would like to argue that it is the most effective marketing channel to date and we cannot think of a more exciting industry to work in. But as with any other industry, there are both pros and cons to working with influencer marketing.

We asked our business development manager to share what she likes the most, and least, about working within influencer marketing. Read what she had to say here:

👍 Exciting and current

Social media is, without doubt, among the industries that has seen the most rapid growth the past decade. By working with social media and influencer marketing, you are therefore not only a pawn being pushed around the board – you are a part of the forces that shape the game.

👎 Resistance

Since the industry is still very young, many people have not yet realized the huge potential of influencer marketing. Every day we meet resistance from companies that refuse to see it as an integral part of their marketing mix, who don not want to invest more than peanuts on it or who even claim that they don not need to do it at all.

👍 Fast-paced

If there is one thing you cannot refer to the influencer marketing industry as, it is slow-moving. New social medias, new content formats and new trends – that is (sort of) a normal day in the influencer marketing world. That makes it extremely fun and challenging to work in!

👎 Volatile

There is unfortunately also a downside to the fast pace of the industry, and that is the volatileness that comes with it. It is difficult to keep up with all the rapid twists and turns, and it is not uncommon to be forced to scrap months of work because of a sudden change in the landscape. You have to be quick on your feet (and in your head) to be able to adjust to the changes and find ways to stay ahead of the curve.

👍 Creative 

Influencer marketing, regardless of you being an influencer yourself or an agency like us, leaves you with a lot of creative freedom. There are just as many ways of doing influencer marketing as there are influencers in the world (i.e. a lot), and the sky is the limit for every campaign!

👎 Dependent

All industries are, in one way or another, dependent on external actors and forces that cannot be fully controlled by you. But for an influencer marketing agency, those external actors are the sole foundation of the entire business. Whether or not we deliver great results to our clients are in large dependent on how the influencers perform, and although you can choose who to work with you cannot fully control the outcome of a campaign. Even though a majority of all influencers are a pleasure to work with, it is not uncommon that they don not keep deadlines, that they don not read the instructions thoroughly or that they stop communicating with you altogether mid-campaign.