Behind Massfluencer: Our Story

Three years ago we realized that large companies were spending huge amounts of money on influencer marketing but still receiving low ROI – so we started Massfluencer.

In 2017 when influencer marketing was still considered a fad we saw a huge gap between the potential of the industry and in the way it was being utilized by businesses. The few companies that early on adopted influencer marketing as a part of their marketing strategies did so without a profound understanding of the market and how to use it efficiently.

The results? Poorly executed and expensive campaigns with popular influencers reaching out to a large and fragmented follower base.

We quickly understood that the number of followers, in many cases, cannot guarantee a successful campaign and an increase in sales. Hence, brands spend too much money on solutions with low ROI.

So we decided to build a system that could easily identify and give us access to data on every single account on Instagram and Youtube with more than 2000 followers in order to activate high-performing influencers with desirable target audiences.

At the same time we talked to two of the world’s biggest ad spenders from both an agency and client perspective, GroupM and Unilever, to get an understanding of the challenges they were facing in their work with influencer marketing. They emphasized that it was not just the limited access to data and identifying the right influencers that they were struggling with – they also experienced that the process was complicated and demanded a great deal of time and resources. Furthermore, they stated that inauthentic engagement and fake followers were difficult to spot, and that they had no system in place to guarantee brand safety and brand alignment in their campaigns. 

After this invaluable feedback, we started developing our platform to solve all of these problems, and provide our clients with an all-in-one solution that would allow them to penetrate multiple markets with multiple products in a time- and resource efficient way without compromising on quality and safety. 

Our mission became, and still is, to ensure that every brand that wants to use influencer marketing as a part of their outreach strategy always gets the best results possible.

Today we have access to real-time data on 63M influencers in 213 markets world wide and a custom built automated system with boosting and amplification capabilities – saving time, resources and money. This enables us to execute exceptionally successful campaigns in any market for our clients with high-performing influencers matching their brand – always resulting in maximized ROI.